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Story: What we do?

Dear visitors:

Welcome to

To start talking about our business, we have to talking about Taobao first, why? Cuz most of our business related with it, in other words, our business was based on Taobao.

1, What is Taobao? hmm, good question!

Taobao is an online shopping market in China, just like Ebay, some people also call it Chinese "Ebay", it is the biggest online market in China, even in Asia. There are millions of goods sale there, most of them have a good price with not bad quality.

Obviously, it is a better choice to buy them directly from China market, cuz actually maybe more than 80% of items in your home are shipped from China. But what depressed is at present the foreign customers can not do it themselves cuz of the payment and communication.

In order to solve this problem that taobao may not concern in near future, we ChinaBuyAgency stand out as a third party between taobao and foreign customers to help the transactions deal perfectly.

2, So how we work with taobao and customers? hmm, another good question!

now you have a overview of Taobao, next step, you should try to learn how to search and select items on taobao , just same as ebay, taobao also have category, but in Chinese(how to deal with this troublesome issue?), browse and choose your target items. Before we start work, you need certain know what items you want to buy on After we got your command(submit the shopping cart), then we will make the transaction continued. What you need to do is waiting and pay the amount. You always will got reply instant if in our working time or in 12 hours for offworking time.

If you got any problem in using our site, please do not hesitate to "Contact us" for any help, we appreciate for your kindly advises and suggestions and get ready to hear from you!

Mark Ni

The ChinaBuyAgency | TaobaoEnglish Service Team

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