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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions most customer may got in using and service, if any more questions not covered here, welcome to message us in My messages.

  • How to shopping on and

    Please browse our New Member Topic to have a quick tour.

  • What are your features compare with other Taobao agents?

    We give gifts to new members for new member benefit.

    We located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The place where located, also 1/3 of the taobao sellers near around us, you can save more domestic shipping cost if buying via us.

    We offer whole-day online ordering service and in-site messages. Besides, we offer considerate email remind about your orders status.

  • Why I need agent service, can I buy from taobao directly?

    Currently, as a foreign customer, you can not buy from taobao directly, but not certain in future yet. Will it be another ebay? Let us see in future. One more reason, we can help you buy from multi-sellers and do combine shipping in one parcel to reduce your international shipping fee.

  • I will buy multi-items from same taobao seller, does the domestic shipping fee will be combined?

    Yes, if you buy multi-items from same taobao seller, we will ask the seller combine the shipping to reduce domestic shipping fee. For details, please check Domestic Shipping.

  • How much international shipping fee of my order?

    We hope we can tell you total price including shipping fee at first time, but as a buy agent, we can't, we do not have items in our warehouse, so we can not give you exact weight of the items before all of them arrived our warehouse. So before we buy them, you should have an estimate price in your mind, here are some tips for you, you may take for reference:

    • usual weight for 1 T-shirt: 150g-200g.
    • usual weight for 1 pair of sports shoes with box: 1000g-1500g.
    • usual weight for 1 jeans: 500g-1000g.
    • usual weight for 1 watch with box: 300g-500g.
    • usual weight for 1 jacket /hoodies: 500g-1000g.
    • usual weight for 1 underwear with bag/box: 100g-150g.

    We always take EMS as our shipping company, and we offer discount for EMS shipping, you can check EMS official rate at here: , please take “M” list for reference, because “D” refer to “Documents”, the currency is CNY, please refer our exchange rate to get USD price.

  • What is Taobao Mall? what does it featured?

    Taobao Mall is a B2C online market, cuz they are business company, so the stock will be real and enough, the purchase procedure also will be faster and more secure. All items from Taobao Mall are quality guaranteed by Taobao and come with a formal invoice from the seller. Make your online shopping more enjoyable.

  • I don't understand Chinese, How to get clothes size details?

    Usually, the seller will post the dimension in centimeter of each size on their store but in Chinese, we have translated some key words as below, u can take them for reference:

    For clothes:
    • 袖长 = “Sleeve length”
    • 腰围 = “Waist, waistline”
    • 衣长 = “Length, clothes length”
    • 胸围 = “Chest, bust, chest circumference”
    • 肩宽 = “Shoulder, left shoulder to right shoulder length”

    For pants:
    • 腰围 = “Waist, waistline”
    • 裤长 = “Length, pants length”
    • 臀围 = “Hip, hip circumference, hipline”
    • 裆长 = "crotch length, waist to bottom hip"

  • There is no item I want in taobao, can I order from other websites?

    Yes, as long as the seller based in China mainland, we can buy for you also. But we reserve the rights to refuse buy from risky websites (phishing website, etc).

  • How long will my parcels arrived?

    It is according to the shipping company, we usual take EMS as our shipping company, from our experience, EMS always take 3-5 days to ship to Asia, 5-7 days to ship to North America, 7-10 days to ship to West Europe, more than 10 days to ship to East Europe.

    *it is based on our estimation from past deliveries, for reference only, we do not bear any obligations if shipping delay because of unexpected or uncontrollable things happened to the shipping. Please kindly understand.

  • How to add funds in and
  • It is very easy to add funds in and, just follow the steps:
    Add funds
    1. Select the recharge method on your behalf. Only Paypal instant payment can recharge your balance instantly, paypal "e-check" etc and Western Union , T/T(Bank Transfer) will need pending 5-7 days for recharge operation. please notice.

    Add funds by Paypal
    2. Enter the amount you want to recharge into your balance and click the "Pay now" button.

    Paypal Gateway
    3. Login your paypal in paypal gateway page and pay us the amount by paypal.

    Payment Success page
    4. Waiting for 5 seconds, the paypal gateway will bring you back to our website's Success page, when the Success page show up, it mean add funds completed. Then you can: 1). "Pay for orders": go to your order list, click detail of which order you need to pay and click "Pay items" or "Pay shipping" in payment info. 2). "Add more funds": go to funds recharge page and start a new balance recharge action. 3). "Go to my balance": go to your balance page to check current funds in your Account Balance.

    Balance Records
    The recharge and payment records are sorted by old to new from bottom to top, please notice.

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