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Agent Service Fee

1. Purchasing + Warehousing + Shipping(Forwarding)

We take 10% of the items price for agent service fee overall if use our purchasing service, but 8 USD for minimum charge for each order.
The system will calculate the agent service fee automatically and give the result in each order detail page.

2. Warehousing + Shipping(Forwarding)

We accept packages which you bought by yourself too, if you want to choose this service, you do not need to submit order in website, just contact us for the warehouse address, pls pay attention to the [forbidden to ship] items list to avoid situation that bought items unable to ship.
For the fee details of Warehousing + Shipping(Forwarding) service, pls find in notification area of your account home page [My account].

Here are examples for 1. Purchasing + Warehousing + Shipping(Forwarding) which may make you understood well:

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